The Golden Hind Museum Ship was originally built in 1963 for BBC filming purposes. Now the ship is a permanently anchored feature of Brixham Harbour and remains an accurate representation of life on board and an Elizabethan ship in the age of exploration. The Brixham replica is the same size as the original (75x21 feet) and reflects the cramped, dirty conditions on board a vessel of this era with its lack of facilities and home comforts!

The Golden Hind Brixham is now an iconic centrepiece of picturesque Brixham harbour which remains the largest port in England with its colourful cottages, fishing trawlers and heritage boats and buildings. The Golden Hind rises and falls with each twice-daily tide and makes a great location for both film and tv shoots. The ship welcomes a variety of filming onboard from historical documentaries to entertainment programmes on major TV channels.  

Please contact the team with any individual requests for filming and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. Fees are changed on a case by case basis and vary depending upon the duration, time of year and nature of the filming/ photography shoot. 

Generally we kindly request that the size of film crews is kept to a minimum due to limited space aboard and that all equipment and film crews have in place their own insurance arrangements. 


Heston Blumenthal (above) on the Golden Hind for his Fantastical Food programme for Channel Four 2013