Sid The Skeleton

Sidney Shellbone, Esq (aka ‘Sid the Skeleton’) is BACK in Brixham!

Sid has completed his long journey back to Brixham to be close to where his friend Thomas worked, and is now boarding on the Golden Hind Ship. He’d been staying in Medway, Kent, so had a pretty long journey to get to Devon. Sid will share updates of his progress on his site with his interested chums via The Sydney Times.

Sid is single, with 'only 414 bone years’ on the clock, and is also looking to find love on the English Riviera!

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Sid also enjoys being by the seaside and dipping his toe bones in warm salty water! It's good for his 400 year old arthritis - don't get him started!
Sid was happily married 'en body' and passed over to 'the other side' in the year 1600. 'It feels like only yesterday' says Sid, and i've had a lot of fun since.

I love working with people and children - and although I don't say much - I am a happy set of bones!

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