Open today 10am to 4.30pm


The Ship strikes a great balance between living history, learning, and FUN! For the children, it's an exciting 'Pirate Ship' to explore and for adults an opportunity to learn about Drake's momentous Tudor circumnavigation.

If making a long journey to Brixham, please email or call in advance if you need advice or help.

For school & group bookings please email or call us on 01803 856223 or 07912 322551

Step back in time...

Come aboard and explore the Ship that was home to Drake and his crew of seventy men. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of life aboard a Tudor ship. Feel the romance of the seas in the great age of sail. The Ship rises and falls with the tide up to two metres. 

See the Captain and Officers' cabin, how the crew and prisoners slept below decks, the weapons, tools, cannons, artefacts from the age of discovery, the ropes hauled by the sailors, the creak of the timbers, the voices of the crew, treasure, pirates and much more....

Click on the VIDEO to be transported back in time…


Highlights of your visit

  • Sid's Stamps - Solve the clues to find the secret stamps and claim your prize.
  • Walk the Plank - Have you got what it takes to 'Walk the Plank' and on the Great Cabin balcony?
  • The Mouse Hunt! - The mice have infested the Ship. Help to find and count them and win a certificate!
  • See the ‘Golden Globe', etched with the route of the 36,000 mile voyage.
  • Explore, see & sense life on board and the cramped and atrocious conditions the crew would have had to endured during extremes of cold and heat, not to mention being continuously drenched in sea water and with a lack of fresh water and food.
  • See the Great Cabin and rear balcony and see how the ten officers and gentlemen lived as well as seeing typical weapons and guns that they carried during their voyage of over 1000 days.
  • Discover the lower gun deck on the full size replica with atmospheric lighting and uneven creaking floor planks, featuring realistic displays and artefacts including the surgeon, gunner and carpenter’s quarters.
  • Learn about Drake’s life, from a modest Devon background, to becoming one of the most famous men in the world.
  • Try hands on activities such as rope tying & rope hauling as well as a full size ship’s wheel!
  • Enjoy a 360 degree view of Brixham from the ‘Poop/ Observation Deck' as well as exploring the four other decks.
  • Follow in the footsteps of the famous! Learn more about the many TV shows and films in which the ship has had a starring role.
  • Take some unique photos in the stocks, with Sir Francis & the crew and of picturesque Brixham.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard.